Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Who is the device intended for?

A: People who are unable to speak because of a physical or intellectual impairment such as autism, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s, etc. A variety of grid sizes and features allows the device to be used for people of many different levels of ability, and to grow with the user.

Q: Is the app pre-installed?

A: Yes, pre-installed, configured specifically for you and ready to use right out of the box!

Q: Do you need an internet connection to communicate?

A: No, you can fully communicate without an internet connection, use visual schedules, edit, search for symbols, take photos, even watch training videos.

The only thing you will need the internet for is searching for symbols or photos on the internet, or uploading / restoring from the cloud.

Q: Will you bill my insurance?

A: No, in order to keep our prices low we do not bill insurance. Typically, an unfunded device, such as Finding My Voice™, or an app store app + device will cost under $1,200. A funded device (paid by insurance) typically costs $5,000 to $8,000 in order to cover the costs of the paperwork and red tape.

Q: Are all the symbols pre-installed?

A: Yes, the device comes with over 30,000 SymbolStix symbols pre-installed.

Q: Are the training videos pre-installed
A: Yes, they can be viewed anytime without being online

Q: Is there a keyboard?

A: Yes, there are QWERTY and ABCDEF keyboards with word prediction. You can customize them like any other page or create your own.

Q: I don’t hear any sound

A: Make sure the volume is turned up and nothing is plugged into the headphone jack. Tap the Speech Display Bar to hear the sentence. If none of this works, re-boot the device by holding the power key in. Note that you will not hear sound after each symbol is pressed unless that option is enabled in Vocabulary Settings.

Q: What network is the device on for texting?

A: The device is on the T-Mobile network

Q: I forgot the phone number of the device (used for texting)

A: Go to setup, press About

Q: Can I change the SIM card to another carrier?

A: Yes but we are not able to provide any support for that. The device is unlocked. In the US you can use T-Mobile, AT&T, or any MVNO that uses those networks. You cannot use Verizon or Sprint. If abroad, you can put in a SIM card from any country in the world.

Q: Is there an iOS or app store version?

A: Not yet, but we are considering it

Q: Are there evaluation devices?

A: Unfortunately no, but we are happy to answer any questions

Q: Are there exciting new features in the works?

A: Yes!