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SymbolStix Symbols

SymbolStix are an evidence based communication tool that provides a lifeline by ensuring everyone has access to learning, language and self-expression.

SymbolStix symbols are dynamic, contemporary and multicultural. They are the premiere symbol set used by leading AAC products.

Finding My Voice™ incorporates the full set of over 90,000 symbols!

Finding My Voice™ also supports the SymbolStix skin tone feature. The skin tone may be changed on the settings screen in seconds.

Symbols are searchable in edit mode by name, synonym and partial phrase match. Symbols are also used in keyboard mode in fully symbolic Word Prediction.

SymbolStix are used under license of N2Y LLC.

The Library of Character/Logo Symbols contained in this software is included free of charge, may be used solely for communication purposes and my not be sold, copied or otherwise exploited for any type of profit.

Dr. Joan Bruno’s Gateway Vocabulary helps build language.

Text anyone in the world with symbols.

Text messages can be sent to any phone, no special software is required. Received text is mapped into symbols.

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  • Data collection, dashboard and report generation
  • No approvals, studies or pre-authorization needed

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